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Airborne infantry fighting vehicle BMD-1

Airborne infantry fighting vehicle-BMD-1


Weight, t:            
in combat gear   7.2 + 2.5%
in position for landing   6,7
Crew   7
The length of the body, m   5,4
Width, m   2,63
Full height, depending
of the established clearance, m
  оfrom 1.62 to 1.97
The main armament   73-mm 2A28 gun
Auxiliary equipment   7,62-mm machine gun
Secondary armament   ATGM "Baby"
to the gun, shots   40
to machine-gun bullets   4000
missiles 9M14M   3
Maximum speed, km / h:    
highway   61
afloat   9-10
Cruising range on highway, km   500
Engine   diesel 5D-20
Power kW (hp)   176 (240)
Transmission   simple mechanical
Suspension   individual, hydropneumatic
Caterpillar   open metal hinges