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TV2-117AG engine


TV2-117AG engine

The TV2-117AG engine is a version of the TV2-117A. To increase reliability of the engine and its service life, the sealing system of turbo-compressor bearings oil cavities is improved.

More than 24000 engines have been produced, more than 13000 are still in service. Axial-flow 10-stage compressor
Compressor 2-stage turbine
2-stage free turbine
Annular combustion chamber with eight fuel injectors and two starting igniters

Two engines and VR-8A gearbox make up the power plant of the Mi-8 helicopter. The long duration of the Mi-8 helicopter service in more than 30 countries corroborates a high degree of reliability of its power plant and equipment.


Power, hp              1500
Specific fuel consumption, g/hp h   275
Free turbine rotation frequency, rpm   12000
Compressor pressure ratio   6,6
Air consumption, kg/s   8,0
Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm    2843x550x748
Dry mass, kg   334