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The Company “Euro Techno Export” is 100% private Bulgarian company, established in August 2002, it is owned by well-experienced experts in the field of foreign trade, especially in the area of business of special commodities and mediation services.
One of the main activities of our Company is providing services in the framework of military-technical cooperation with foreign partners.

We have good cooperation with the Ukrainian and Russian special exporters, companies, developers, manufacturers and design office, research and scientific testing agencies.
Our well-developed industrial and technical base along with  highly qualified staff allow us to secure, qualitatively and quickly, full overhaul of the MiG-21, MiG-23 MiG-27 and MiG-29, L-39 and Mi-2, the Mi-8 (MI-17), Mi-14 Ka-32 with the restoration of overhaul period and  lifetime in strict accordance with the requirements of technical documentation.
The company also cooperates with leading developers of armored vehicles in Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian experts specialize mainly in designing and manufacturing armored vehicles. Their competence in this area is comprehensive and covers the entire process of creating of a sample from the first line in the sketch up to further improvement the  vehicles in-use.

Nomenclature developed by tracked vehicles includes main battle tanks Yataghan, Oplot, T-80UD and armored recovery vehicle BREM.
Wheeled vehicles include armored personnel carriers BTR-60 BTR-70 BTR-80 BTR-3U, and armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle BRDM-2.
Enterprises are also specialized in designing options for upgrading obsolete battle tanks, including T-72 T-64 T-55 and T-54.
In addition the company engaged in the design and manufacture of engineering techniques that have been successfully tested, has repeatedly shown at exhibitions of weapons and took part in military exercises, where, they showed and proved that its characteristics are far superior existing serial machines, that is evidenced by proper certificates and records.
Since inception, our Company has successfully cooperated with governments and specialized authorized state and private companies in Africa and Asia in various fields, particularly in India, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Algeria, Guinea, etc.

In the asset of the "Euro Techno Export" there are successfully completed and ongoing contracts. Currently, the Company participates in tenders for supply components for aircraft and automotive equipment to Ethiopia and Egypt, as well as military equipment and special-purpose machinery for a number of other states.