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logo-etexport.small"Euro Techno Exports" – is 100% private Bulgarian company, it was established on August 2002. Having a license for import & export, arm’s transfer, as well as for brokering arms and special-purpose products and services  between third countries in accordance with applicable law.

We are registered as an international exporter and concluded contracts with responsible governmental authorities in different states thus we can export military technical products internationally. Our logistics team manages logistics operations in strict compliance with international regulations of arms traffic.

Our activity  – to carry out foreign trade which is concentrate on sale of special products and provide mediation with the goods of dual-use technologies. There are some other activities where the Company has also gained successful experience, among them: transport activities and related services, trading activity on domestic market, representation services, consulting services, and any other activity not forbidden by law.
The company closely cooperates with the Ukrainian, Russian and other countries’ special exporters, companies, developers, design offices and manufacturers, research and scientific testing agencies.
The Company has its own Representative Office in Ukraine.

Our Mission:
- Export and import of military and special-purpose products and services, including armament, ammunition, military and special equipment, spare parts and components, explosives, and other products which can be used for the development and manufacture of armament, military and special equipment;
- Repair, maintenance and upgrade of armament and military equipment of foreign customers;
- Export of up-to-date technologies, design documentation and other research and development products of military and special purpose;
- Designing and construction of specific productions and facilities;
- Provision of marketing, consulting and intermediary services regarding the foreign trade of arms and military equipment.
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If you require any further assistance please feel free to contact us or alternatively leave your details with our 'customer call-back service' and one of our Business Development Advisors will contact you shortly.

Code of Conduct:
Our Code of Conduct provide guidelines for all employees and contractors, including the Board of Directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and consultants working for or on behalf of “Euro Techno Export”.
No matter where you work within our organization, our entire business abides by a single set of principles — our Canon of Ethics.
We behave in a legal, moral and ethical manner in the conduct of our business.
We conduct business with honesty and integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
For the communities in which we live and work, we always observe the local laws and respect local customs, act as a concerned and responsible neighbor and reflect all aspects of good citizenship.
We avoid misrepresentation, false promises, misleading advertising or any promotion of our work that might lead to misconceptions on the part of our customers, potential customers or third parties.
We avoid conflicts of interest and refuse to accept or offer any improper gift, favor or service in the performance of our duties.
We maintain respect for all competitors and seek no unfair advantage by illegal, dishonest, unethical or questionable means.
We regard proprietary information as a valuable corporate asset, avoid the unauthorized disclosure of the company’s business activities and respect proprietary information belonging to others.
We never engage in harassment or discrimination of any kind and especially involving race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability. Any discrimination is unacceptable in our workplace environment.
We maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, both externally and within the company.